MS-788RSQ Features:

1. Mirror function for each camera can be separately set up

2. 4 way AV input with 4 triggers

3. Color TFT active matrix LCD monitor designed for the commercial trucking industry.

4. Built to withstand the shock and vibration associated with industrial applications

5. Dust and Waterproof design,all connectors are waterproof.

6. Meet the requirements for hot,cold weather also shock and vibration.

7. 20G force for vibration an 100G for shock.

8. Built in Sun-visor

9. NTSC, PAL Compatible

10. 1pcs 7” quad monitor, 1pcs front view camera MS-750, 1pcs rear view camera MS-750 and 2pcs side view camera MS-780

Technique Information:

1.System is automatically activated when back up(Auto on when vehicle is placed in reverse)

2.Full function wireless remote control

3. Single, dual , triple , quad image available

4. Four cameras input

5. Can be connected with 4 cameras for left, right ,front and back view

6. Full image/2 images/3 images/4 images adjustable

7. Built in speaker

8. When reverse gear light is on ,it display the reverse image, when turn left or right it, change to display the left or right image automatically

9. It could connect with trailer cable for trailers use

10. 20G for vibration and 100G for shock