1.Input voltages available from DC10V-36V.
2.Mirror  could be set separately in each channel with dimming function.
3.3 channels video, audio and 3 auto triggers.
4.Grid lines could be adjusted up or down, left or right.
5.Built to withstand the shock and vibration associated with industrial applications.
6.Dust and waterproof design, all connectors are waterproof.
7.Meet the requirements for hot, cold weather also shock and vibration.
8.20G  for vibration and 100G for shock.
9.User could adjust the OSD menu:
a. could rename each channel
b. could adjust the delay time in each channel.
c. could adjust trigger name on each channel
d. brightness, contrast, audio mirror could be adjust in each channel

Specification of 7” LCD monitor:

1. Resolution: 800 X 3 (RGB) X480
2. Contrast: 500:1
3. Brightness: 400nits
4. Dot pitch:0.192 ( H) X 0.1805 (V )
5. Viewing angle U:50/D:60   L/R:70
6. input power: DC10-36V
7. system: PAL and NTSC
8. respond time: 30ms
9. Shock resistant, specifically design for mobile use
10. Picture display format: 16:9
11. Eight languages OSD menu: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French
12. The display with two video frequency input  Automatic/manual switcher
13. Front panel controls with on-screen menu
14. operation temperature:- 30℃~+70℃
15. headrest installion optional