1. HD 4 channels, 4 split  H.246 Compression
2. Linux operating system
3. Touch screen(optional)
4. SD memory storage support(Max. 256GB) and SSD support(optional)
5. Built-in GPS module
6. Resolution  of monitor: 1,024 x 3(RGB) x 600  Pixels
7. Video quality up to 1080P resolution
8. Supports 4 ch video input,audio intput on/off
9. External USB2.0 interface, can upgrade the product and download files
10. Support 4video mode: manual, alarm,, timing, trigger
11. Additional 4Ch inputs with triggers
12. Full CH, Auto Scan, Trigger CH & Live display
13. Support CVBS/960H/AHD camera
14. 4CH AV Inputs with 1080p/720P/960H/D1
15. Date & Time Stamp ,vehicle information,GPS information,ch number on the file
16. Playback a Recorded file on the LCD
17. Setup on the LCD menu
18. Map Tracking available
19. G-sensor applicable
20. Built-in Circuit protection chip from overvoltage & reversing voltage
21. Professional In-Vehicle power design, 6-36V DC Wide Voltage Range

Video Demo