A Clear and Safer World with Mingshang!

This is an era of increasing traffic density, but also an era of frequent car safety problems. 

As a matter of great importance to human welfare and social harmony, automobile safety problems, especially the safe driving and management of passenger trucks, dangerous chemical vehicles, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles and special vehicles, have been troubling the relevant management departments of the industry and government, driving generations of technical elites and responsible enterprises to put forth great effort. 


MINGSHANG is one of China s leading suppliers and manufacturers for Wired and Wireless Rear

View Camera Systems, and Mobile DVR for:

☆ Commercial and School Buses

☆ RV`s and Motorhomes

☆ Industrial & Construction Equipment

☆ Cargo and Delivery Vans

☆ Trucks and Semi-Trailers

☆  Agricultural Vehicles & Equipment

☆ Pickup Trucks and Tow Trucks

MINGSHANG has over 15 years of experience in designing and developing visual safety systems

for eliminating blind spots around vehicles to avoid the challenges that today's vehicles drivers